History Of The Ultimate DIYer and Ron King

“Learn to be your own handyman and save the money.”

Ron King

Welcome DIYers!  

A little about me… My name is Ron King, and I work as a handyman full-time and enjoy working with my hands. My dad started teaching me carpentry and electrical work as a very young man. As a result, I have decades of professional experience in the construction industry, and I majored in construction technology in college.

I have managed Tuff Shed in Dallas, Texas, and built a lot of storage buildings, garages, and cabins. So I will be building my own custom building in several YouTube videos in the near future. I will also be releasing building plans at a reasonable price, so you can save yourself a lot of time and money when you build your own buildings.

It didn’t take me long to pick up plumbing, welding, and drywall, along with flooring knowledge as well. Honestly, I have always believed that I could do anything if I could just find a good book on the subject.

So then the social media craze hit, and YouTube became my go-to for building information. You can literally find a video to do just about anything you want or need to do. I bet you can even build a rocket ship if you have the time and money! Well, I haven’t built a spaceship yet, but I have done a heck of a lot of remodeling and repair work and learned a great deal of my knowledge from YouTube.

I have always enjoyed teaching others and passing on the knowledge that I have gained over the years. I have passed on a lot of that same knowledge to my sons; one is an electrician, and another is working on welding and electrical as well. My oldest must have gotten the teaching bug from me, and he teaches high schoolers.

So knowing how much I like to teach, it was a no-brainer when I decided to build my own YouTube channel and pass on my knowledge to the next up-and-coming generation of handymen and handywomen, along with the DIYers that want to do it themselves. So Ultimate DIYer was born.

It has taken me a little time to learn how to film and how to edit, but YouTube has rescued me once again by allowing me to find a plethora of content creator instructional videos that have walked me through each and every step of the process. Each and every video I release gets a little better. I have upgraded to a pro camera and taught myself Davinci Resolve 18, both huge steps forward!

So what do I do? I make DIY home improvement how-to videos that I post on YouTube to help individuals of all ability levels fix their homes on their own. Along with DIYers, I like to help other handymen and handywomen learn more about their trade. Check out our newest video release page.

I want to empower DIYers by sharing my knowledge of the basic building trades, along with woodworking, and learning fundamental construction skills such as reading a tape measure, building stairs, and so much more.

I also record tool reviews and tool tests for brands such as Ryobi, DeWalt, Milwaukee, Craftsman, and more.

So if you are not a subscriber, why not? Tune in, and you just might learn something new.


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